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Office and Staff

The Law Office of Debra A. Smith was established in 1986 by Debra A. Smith, a new attorney with a desire to speak for people who could not deal with the system or speak for themselves.  Always running her own office, Debra has represented a vast array of individuals, many on the outer dredges of society, who had only the slimmest of hopes for a better future.   This type of adversity and difficult legal cases led Debra to have a unique office, one that focused on fighting for individual’s rights with compassion and true understanding of her clients.

Today, the Law Office of Debra A. Smith is a long established law firm in the City of Riverside, handling Family Law, Domestic Violence and Juvenile cases.   The firm strives for technological excellence and has comprehensive and modern database programs which provide up-to-date, accurate information, vital for efficient administration of cases.   Our technology allows us to have the latest legal research and rulings at our finger tips, which keep us competitive and cutting-edge in the representation of our clients.

The attorneys and staff members of the Law Office of Debra A. Smith are a unique group, forming a dynamic team that can deliver quality legal representation in an effective and powerful way.  Our commitment to help people get through the legal and emotional minefield of divorce, custody and property division is unsurpassed.   We have over thirty years experience; we work smarter; we strive to make the complex simple.  We are re-defining how legal services are delivered.