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Family Law

Family law is a field of law that deals with a number of issues, all related to people, their children and their property.   These types of matters can be highly complex, but even if not, they are often emotionally charged, as the outcome of the case can literally affect an individual’s life for many years to come.

In today’s society, divorce and related family law issues are more common than many would like to see.   People from all walks of life can find themselves in need of dissolution, custody determinations, or financially critical support and property division orders.   Although divorce and custody can be emotionally difficult and stressful, we are here to help.  The Law Office of Debra A. Smith has been representing people from all walks of life in the Inland Empire for thirty years, and is familiar with the local courts, judges, mediators and their ever changing policies and procedures.

With the ready availability of “do-it-yourself” legal documents these days, many people are tempted to go through their divorce proceedings without legal representation.   Although you can do this, it is not simple, and we strongly advise against it if there are contested custody, support or property division matters in your case. There are potential pitfalls in every aspect of divorce and custody, and the cost of an attorney is usually minimal compared to the benefits one receives with effective representation. Without legal experience, it is easy to make costly and sometimes life changing mistakes.

When faced with uncertainties in these critical areas of life, you need the clear advice and strength of an experienced attorney skilled in protecting and preserving your rights.   We are well aware of how important these matters are to you and your family, and it is our objective to assure that your wishes are heard and acknowledged, all while helping you avoid costly pitfalls and obtaining the best results possible.

To learn more about how our experienced legal team can assist you in protecting you, your family and your finances, please contact our office to schedule a complimentary consultation.