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Debra A. Smith

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Debra A. Smith is a member of the California State Bar and has been an advocate on the issue of Domestic Violence and its effects on the family for 30 years.   She is licensed to practice law in both California and New Mexico and has been specially admitted to handle cases in five other states (Texas, Tennessee, Ohio, Nevada, and Arizona).   After many years of handling cases for a variety of clients, she fully understands the arts of advocacy and persuasion that are crucial to the presentation of winning cases at trial.  She has represented clients in small cases and in high stakes cases, both state and federal, and has a more than 90% win rate at jury trial.  She is a member of the prestigious “Million Dollar Advocates” forum, which is open only to attorneys who have won verdicts over $1,000,000.00.

Her office in Riverside, CA, handles Family Law, Domestic Violence and CPS Juvenile cases.  Debra founded the Law Office of Debra A. Smith in 1986, and has since represented clients in the Inland Empire area for nearly thirty years.   Focusing on cases involving family relations, the office handles Dissolution cases, Restraining Order cases and Juvenile cases, some of which require legal services in all three areas at the same time.   Debra has many years of courtroom experience and understands the effects on individuals of dissolution and custody cases.   Understanding these dynamics often affects the outcome of a case in a positive manner.

Debra is the author of the 3 book series entitled “Had Enough?” a thorough expose of domestic violence through vivid stories of actual survivors.  The set reaches through the barriers often self erected by abuse victims, lighting the way for them  and providing a method where they can make a realistic and safe plan for the journey out of domestic violence.

Debra A. Smith is on the Board of Directors for the Alternatives to Domestic Violence Center located in Riverside, CA, a federally recognized non-profit organization that provides assistance, legal help and counseling to victims of domestic violence and abuse.

Many years of representing clients in their real life, unpredictable and sometimes violent situations has made her understanding and compassionate toward them, reflected in her ability to relate to and understand individuals across a wide array of lifestyles and cultures, as well as to their special needs in each of their own unique situations. Outside the office, she is a mother of three boys, an avid reader and a cultivator of rare palms.   She has a strong passion for horseback riding, nature and the outdoors, and downhill snow skiing.

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