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Real Estate Law

Issues regarding homes and other real properties often arise in the family law setting. Our Riverside, California law firm has years of experience dealing with real estate issues, and because attorney William Smith is also a licensed real estate agent, we are able to stay abreast of current laws in both the family law and real estate areas. Some of the most common real estate related family law issues are:

  • Buying out the other party. This often involves re-financing or negotiating to assume the current mortgage and/or a payment plan for half the equity, so one person can keep the house.
  • Deferring the sale of the home. This may make sense when waiting until kids are grown, the market changes, or when special accommodations have been made to the home such as for handicapped individuals.
  • Reimbursements. This would include when separate property was used for a down payment at the time of a purchase, or payments on a mortgage or improvements made to a home owned by the other party. Other situations where reimbursement may be sought is for use of the home during the divorce when one party is out, and payments made on the mortgage after the official date of separation.
  • Court ordered sale of a home. This could occur when one party is intentionally delaying proceedings to delay sale of the home, or if one party is refusing to make mortgage payments or maintain the home.

Other areas we can assist in are valuations of property and appraisals, buying new properties before a divorce is final, and selling problem or upside down properties.

If you have a family law matter that involves a home or real estate property issue, we definitely have the skills and experience to help you! Please contact our law firm today!

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