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Professional Intervention

Abusing another is rewarding for certain, usually very insecure, individuals.  It’s dangerous for a victim to make an ineffective effort to end abuse, particularly physical abuse.   Once an abuser knows their victim has tried to make them stop, and can’t, they develop even more power and become more intimidating and dangerous.

Many abused people are shocked to discover themselves in such a fearful and difficult situation. They know it is “not right”, yet they often don’t think they have the courage or strength to put an end to it themselves.  However, when they finally get the system involved, they are at last on a path that can get them out of their personal turmoil.  If they stick with it.

Let the authorities deal with the abuser!   The police are a great ally, as are attorneys and the court system.   Use them when you need to.  You could be saving your own life, or your children’s lives, and you most certainly will be increasing the quality and happiness of life of everyone concerned.

If you suffer physical abuse, call the police immediately.  Even if you have to wait until a day or two later for safety reasons, make the call!   The police can only help you if you let them know what’s going on, and then you must allow them to do what they need to do to protect you.   Cooperate with the police, they are there to help you.  District Attorneys will vigorously prosecute abusers but they need your help.   You MUST tell your story to the investigators, and even in court if necessary.  This is your chance to overpower your abuser and obtain freedom.   Don’t miss this valuable opportunity, your life, literally, could depend on it.

Contact a qualified and aggressive attorney that works diligently toward defeating abusers.  They will protect you in the day to day matters involved in leaving an abuser.  They will help both you and your children get a new start in life, with safety and financial security in place.

Don’t waste another day, week, month or year with an abuser.  Life is short, and you should seek happiness each and every day of it.  Let the Law Office of Debra A. Smith help you reach a place of freedom and security.  Finally, you can be free.   You just have to have the strength to reach out for it, possibly when you are at your very weakest.   If you don’t personally have that strength, contact Debra A. Smith.  She will do it for you.   A new life can be yours.   Soon.