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Domestic Violence

Domestic violence should not happen to anybody . . . Ever . . . Period . . .  But it does.

And when it does, there is help.  Our firm is dedicated to helping victims of domestic violence get their lives back.  Whether it’s physical, verbal, or emotional abuse, we understand not only the painful effects of the abuse, but we understand the solutions, and how to achieve them.  Without endangering the victim further. 

We strive to empower the victim, and build confidence in them so they are free to make rational decisions about their lives, and about their children’s lives.  Domestic Violence is a very dangerous arena.   Oftentimes people want to help a relative or friend who is in an abusive relationship, but don’t know how.  They lack the insight and resources to really help, and a victim will not feel confident with this type of support.   They may draw back from the source of help; a real abuse victim, whose life is potentially at risk, is not going to make a move toward safety in an uncertain or ineffective manner.  It could cost them dearly.

Attorney Debra A. Smith understands the REAL life an abuse victim leads, the reticence they have toward seeking legal assistance, and why.   Victims of domestic violence, as fearful as they may be, realize that attorney Smith understands the gravity of their situation, and that they can trust her to make appropriate, safe decisions on their behalf.   We will not take any action that may further endanger our clients; we understand how ugly and dangerous it can truly be.   We are armed with experience, skill, and numerous resources to assist victims.

Our main focus as a law firm is to take legal action that will alleviate and permanently  terminate the abusive situation.  We are fully experienced in emergency protective actions as well as long-term representation of the abuse victim.  You no longer need to live in fear of violence, threats, or intimidation. You do not have to continue living a life of constant verbal threats and abuse.  We can get you out of your bad situation.   Safely.

Let us show you how to start living a life free of abuse and fear today!   Contact our office for a personal consultation with Attorney Smith regarding these most serious of all cases.   We have the strength and fortitude, coupled with the understanding and personal vengeance against domestic violence, to help you today.